TREEL is the brainchild of two likeminded technocrats and relentless innovators with the vision to evolve vehicle safety to a higher level and bring it to each and every one – from bikes to hatchbacks to trucks.

With the question that nagged them the most – ‘Why should luxury vehicles have advanced safety. After all its everyone’s birth right!’ – They decided to address the foundation of vehicle care and safety – The Tyre.

This quest for improving ‘road safety’ also took them to formulating patented safety technologies for commercial fleets wherein more than 80% of the current trucks are without appropriate safety onboard. We’re committed to developing technologically advanced and high-quality products and solutions that help individuals and organizations improve the experience of their vehicle. At TREEL, we seek to give every vehicle owner the smart power that will save fuel, save lives and save the environment.

TREEL is the future of mobility solutions: Treel seeks to drive a safer, smarter, sustainable future through intelligent automotive technology.

TREEL TPMS is a new age tyre performance and maintenance system that improves the life of your tyres and the vehicle, improves vehicle mileage and protects from unforeseen risks while driving.
– It’s not just an accessory but it’s a necessity – just like helmets or seat belts are mandatory
for your safety
– The next stage in evolution of safety in cars has reached a new level