ExxonMobil TM is one of the world’s largest suppliers and marketers of fuels, lubricants and specialties, including lubricant base stocks, waxes and asphalt. With a history stretching back to the founding of the Vacuum Oil Company in 1866, ExxonMobil and its corporate ancestors have been at the forefront of lubricant technology innovation for more than 150 years. Today, the company continues to develop new lubrication solutions for technologies of the future, by delivering an extensive range of leading technical services to help customers optimize their maintenance programs, enhance equipment performance and ensure safety. Being an industry leader in synthetic lubricants, ExxonMobil has a full range of products both in consumer (passenger vehicles) and commercial (mining, infrastructure/construction, power, manufacturing and commercial vehicles) business. In India, the company engages in the distribution, sales and marketing of Mobil branded lubricants and offer innovative technical solutions.

Designed to protect commercial fleet from harsh conditions, heavy loads, excessive wear, dirt and water contamination, ExxonMobil formulates breakthrough innovations that redefine the power of lubrication. Backed by years of industry expertise, the company’s commercial vehicle lubricant business focuses on providing the best lubricant solutions for mining, off-highway and on-highway vehicles. Mobil’s unique offering for commercial vehicle industry, Mobil Delvac TM , can extend oil drain intervals, lowering costs through reduced lubricant consumption, labour and disposal costs. Some of Mobil’s offerings in this domain besides Mobil Delvac™ diesel engine oils are, Mobil Delvac 1 5W-40, Mobil Delvac MX PLUS 15W-40, Mobilgrease XHP™ 222, Mobil Delvac Synthetic ATF and Mobil Delvac™ long life grease.

In addition to Mobil’s high performance commercial vehicle lubricants and fluids, ExxonMobil also provide a range of technical services under the Mobil Serv SM umbrella, including Mobil Serv SM Lubricant Analysis (MSLA), a used oil analysis program, to help commercial fleet running at peak efficiency.