Automotive script

Newest Automotive Business to Business magazine in the block, Automotive Script is arriving at a time when the global automotive industry is witnessing an evolution from the production of fossil fuel run vehicles to alternative energy vehicles in the form of electric vehicles, hybrid plug-in vehicles, LPG and CNG run vehicles, solar and hydrogen driven vehicles and more. Printed and Published from Chennai, the capital of south Indian state of Tamil Nadu,the magazine will have judicious blend/mix of news from across the world with a cohesive focus on Automotive Arena.

Automotive script will script the history and evolution of automotive industry and act as a mirror reflecting the aspirations of both the stakeholders in the automotive industry as well as the Government. Our aim is to provide pertinent and thought provoking articles, articulating the aspiration of the stakeholders and in-depth analysis of the policy decisions that impact the automobile and auto component and other ancillary industries. The magazine will be replete with a cover story on the most debated and burning issue, besides having sections for news, views and analysis. Circulated among the key stake holders of the automotive industry including SIAM, ACMA, CEOs of all automotive OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers, educational institutions, various ministries and more, we also provide interviews of major players, about their company expansion plans, views and reactions. We also have section on vehicle sales and production figures from the most authentic source.

Autmotive Script is also aiming at forecasting the trends upfront and inform the target audience before the actual alliance could happen. For the first time, besides other sections such as autocomponents, news, product launches, we will have exclusive sections on Oil and Lubrication and Alternative Energies. While having focus on automotive OEMs and equally giving thrust to other segments including auto components and accessories, we will also bring in lot of B2C elements in the form of reviews. With this, we have completed the whole automotive spectrum, catering to both B2B and B2C audience.