• Founded in 1976 & leading Indian supplier of Instrumentation for Commercial Vehicles. Other segments served are Farm Equipment, Off Highway, Industrial, 3 Wheelers / Aircraft, Marine etc.
  • We are a group of three companies (a) Indication Instruments Limited, Faridabad, India; (b) Veethree Electronics & Marine, LLC, Bradenton, FL USA and (c) Cantronik Ltd UK. We have over 1000 people globally; 200,000 sq. ft covered area, and manufacturing capacity of over 6 million units.
  • Our group possesses full black box design and manufacturing capabilities in the area of Analog / J1939 Instrumentation, Displays and Sensors.
  • Our unique strength, is the strong US / UK technology synergizing with the low cost India Manufacturing, Sourcing and Design Hub. Both ends are fully controlled by us
  • Our range of J1939 TFT displays, launched in 2011 are very popular with the US and European OEMs. We are planning to launch this from India too in 2019
  • We are serving a large no. of OEM’s Globally & supply about 300,000 Inst. Clusters; 600,000 Pressure Sensors; 600,000 Fuel Sensors; 700,000 Temp Sensors annually to the Indian CV Industry.