Mr. Vasanth Immanuel

Mr. Vasanth Immanuel

Co-founder & CEO - FR 8

Mr. Vasanth Immanuel is Co-founder and CEO of FR8, a technology start-up in the Indian Logistics industry. FR8 is building an efficient network of trucks thereby addressing truck utilisation issue in India by connecting the nearest truck to the nearest load. Headquartered in Chennai, FR8 has operations in 50+ cities in India. FR8’s mission is ‘Bettering the lives of truck owners’ and is the only technology platform that works directly with small fleet owners for their truck utilisation.

Technological Disruption in Logistics and CV industry

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Will we see an uberisation of cargo soon? Will it eliminate the brokers and lead to consolidation of the fragmented market from ownership perspective? Once market dominant players start emerging will it provide impetus to adoption of newer technologies such as AI, blockchain and autonomous vehicles? How does Autonomous and AI fit into the CV […]

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