Mr. Rajeev Rajasekharan

Mr. Rajeev Rajasekharan

Engineering Product Manager - Intel India – Ideas to Reality (I2R) – ADAS

Mr. Rajeev Rajasekharan is an Engineering Product Manager in Intel Technology India Pvt Ltd. He leads an innovation team working on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) whose primary focus, along with Mobileye(An Intel Company)is to  enable after-market products centering around Fleet Management, Driver Monitoring and ADAS for commercial fleets in India.

Rajeev has close to 15 years of experience primarily in the software industry spanning business verticals like Factory Automation, Logistics and Supply Chain and also has extensive experience in technical areas around Business intelligence, Digital Marketing, Advanced Analytics and Data Science.  He is also passionate about sharing knowledge on AI and Machine Learning and has led the efforts to enable trainings around these topics and mentor teams in the adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning  to solve their business problems.

Technological Disruption in Logistics and CV industry

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Will we see an uberisation of cargo soon? Will it eliminate the brokers and lead to consolidation of the fragmented market from ownership perspective? Once market dominant players start emerging will it provide impetus to adoption of newer technologies such as AI, blockchain and autonomous vehicles? How does Autonomous and AI fit into the CV […]

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