Mr. Li Jian

Mr. Li Jian

Managing Director, Shandong Heavy Industry India Pvt Ltd (WEICHAI)

Mr. Li Jian is the Managing Director of Shandong Heavy Industry India Pvt Ltd, a leading engine manufacturing company in India.

SHIG India,  a subsidiary of the over USD 36 Billion WEICHAI & SHIG group represents their world-renowned engineering products in India, which include trucks & buses to complete vehicle accumulation, covering diesel & gas engines, complete drivetrain systems, axles, gearboxes, heavy duty mining trucks, earthmoving & construction equipment, hydraulics and logistics to name few. Over the array of products within the group , SHIG India will focus and prioritize introduction of Electric buses from their stable in this fiscal year.

He has extensive experience of over 15 years in the fields of Finance, Marketing, General Management, Corporate Governance, Company Law, Strategic Issues, Corporate and Financial Structuring, Resource Mobilization, Acquisition and privation and has played a key role in the introduction of engines for different applications, notable among them is the diesel engines for marine application with a current market share of over 50%.

Further in his spare time, Li Jian likes travelling, meeting business partners, diplomats and customers and building meaningful relationships with them.