Mr. Krishnan Sadagopan

Mr. Krishnan Sadagopan

Vice President at Ashok Leyland

Graduated in Anna University and studied PG in S.P. College, Mumbai and moving on his passion in IC Engines in major Automotive OEMS.

Started his career with Bajaj Auto (1990) on Kawasaki 4S Motor Cycle Engine localization programme and later 4S Champion Motor Cycle, exclusively for 87 kmpl, developed and released for production, which turned Bajaj a big 2-wheeler Company today.

Moved to Mahindra & Mahindra, Farm Equipment Sector, and had 7 years of stint. Worked on all three platforms till product stabilization as Product Engineer in Engines Department. Executed Tier-1 Emission related projects for USA and has credit of development of first Turbo charged Tractor Engine. (05 Series of Tractors). Had initiated oil development with Castrol. Also, initiated Concept Design of Six Cylinder Engine , single cyl. air-cooled.

Moved to Tata Motors in 2002. Developed first Common Rail Engine for SUV Application and developed variants for the same including Defence vehicles and pick-up Trucks. (Safari DICOR). Established Advanced Engineering Group for Engines, made initiatives for Biodiesel Buses with IOC and successfully run company Transportation Buses with B10 Biodiesel till the career in Tata Motors. Had led CNG / LPG Programmes and run Hydrogen Engine for a year in IIT, Chennai

Having joined Ashok Leyland, in 2007 supported its strategic initiatives design, developed and applicated a 3 Cylinder Engine for DOST, a Mini Truck, for which the sale has crossed 100000 Nos. Also done a 3 Litre engine in a short span of 18 months. A CNG model is running in Delhi. At present heading Engines Group applications for trucks, power solutions  and passenger versions as Vice President  – Engine  Development, Technical centre at Ashok Leyland, VVC , Chennai.