Mr. Imthiaz

Mr. Imthiaz

Co-Founder & CEO -

Mr. Imthiaz is a consumer-focused entrepreneur based out of India. He has been in the forefront of mobile revolution in the country and has been associated with it since 1996.

He was the Founder & CEO of Y2CF Digital Media , Online to Offline commerce/ coupon company with the brand name of hoppr. Hoppr was funded by Bharti Softbank , Joint venture between Bharti (India) and Softbank (Japan). The Company was acquired recently by Hike Messenger, India.

Before founding hoppr, Imthiaz has worked with Bharti Airtel as the head of their Value Added Services / Data Business in India and also has done Sales and Marketing head roles in his stint of 6+ years. He also worked with United Spirits Limited as a Sr. Brand Manager, managing Product and Brand communication.

He has played active role in advising companies (large and startups alike) in areas of Building teams, Products, Sales & Marketing , Funding etc.

Imthiaz loves meeting new people and listening to their bright ideas. Drop a line to catch up at or tweet @livingondedge

Specialties: Building Product / Business , Sales & Distribution, Startups , Marketing, Internet , Brand Management , Organisation Building.

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