Mr. Anurag Naidu

Mr. Anurag Naidu

Manager, Brakes System & Vehicle Control - Volvo Group Trucks Technology

Mr. Anurag Naidu is currently working as a Manger in the Brakes System and Vehicle Control at the VOLVO Group Trucks Technology based out of Bangalore. Anurag Started his career with the Mahindra & Mahindra Truck & Bus division working suspension steering & Axles  prior to joining the VOLVO Group. Anurag has a rich hands-on experience of working on overall vehicle dynamics and Ride and Handling. Anurag has several publications and 1 patent to his name.

Anurag has studied both bachelors and masters in Mechanical Engineering from the Nagpur University. Anurag has had the privilege of representing India in a 4-member delegation at the 1st BRICS Young Scientists forum in Moscow in 2016 and won the coveted “Best Innovation” award for presenting the idea on AI & Machine Learning.

Product Evolution in light of Driver/Occupant Comfort, Consumer Behavior, Price Pressure, Safety & Regulations:

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Fundamental drivers for rising demand i.e. macroeconomic growth and e-commerce penetration looks strong. This will continue to drive the demand however with regulatory changes price pressure remains. Will features w.r.t to driver comfort or safety get compromised. How is product evolution happening keeping above factors in mind?

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