Dr. Roshy John

Dr. Roshy John

Global Head, Robotics & Cognitive Systems at Tata Consultancy Services

Dr. Roshy John did his Ph.D in Robotics from National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, India. He has over fifteen years of experience in developing Robots for different Industries such as Banking, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing and Automotive. His major research interest is in Robotics and Machine Learning Systems that helps to replace humans from mundane and repetitive tasks, mainly in Banking, Retail and Automotive applications.

He has 21 granted patents filed in robotics, consumer electronics and software algorithms. Prior to TCS he was working with LG Electronics as a Senior Scientist managing the consumer robotics product research and development.

Technological Disruption in Logistics and CV industry

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Will we see an uberisation of cargo soon? Will it eliminate the brokers and lead to consolidation of the fragmented market from ownership perspective? Once market dominant players start emerging will it provide impetus to adoption of newer technologies such as AI, blockchain and autonomous vehicles? How does Autonomous and AI fit into the CV […]

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