Internet of Things (IoT) is the enabler for a true digital transformation of the society. In developing countries like India, it can be the catalyst for the country’s evolution and elevation to the developed world. UNLIMIT is an independent innovation hub of the Reliance Group for harnessing the immense potential of IoT for it’s Group companies, the benefit of the society as well as providing the necessary boost to the economic activities in the country. UNLIMIT was formally announced on 15 Nov 2016 and commercially launched in April 2017. Unlimit has been founded on strong strategic partnerships with leading global technology companies like IBM Watson, Cisco Jasper, and Cumulocity – A Software AG Company. As per the globally accepted oneM2M functional architecture for IoT, UNLIMIT is the Common Services Entity (CSE) that strives to add value to its horizontal services solutions through its SaaS products viz, UNLIMIT Control (Connectivity Management Platform), UNLIMIT Enablement (Device Management & Application Enablement Platform) and UNLIMIT Analytics (Big Data, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Learning). UNLIMIT also partners with a plethora of application developers, device manufacturers and connectivity providers and leverages its strength in the horizontal services portfolio to provide solutions for various major verticals like Connected Cars, Transport & Logistics, Industry 4.0, Energy & Utilities, BFSI, Agriculture and Healthcare, amongst others. Backed by India’s leading conglomerate and managed by global IoT experts from all over the world, UNLIMIT is driven by an in-depth knowledge of the Indian market and an unparalleled expertise of IoT implementations ranging from Connectivity to Device and Application Management and any form of IoT data Analytics. In a short span of less than a year,