Tapco Pneumatics

Tapco Pneumatics is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, established in the year 2003.We are specialized in designing & manufacturing of Pneumatic and Electrical bus door actuators. We are the innovators of a product called ELEKTRA – Electrical bus door actuators for hydraulic brake buses. All our products are “ARAI” certified.

We have over 65 satisfied clients throughout India, and have an excellent reputation for quality, reliability and service and all our products are designed, engineered and manufactured in our own facility based in Chennai, India.

Here are some key features of Elektra

1. Highly safe and reliable,

2. Operated by 12v dc motor,

3. Speed control option,

4. Buzzer indicator for opening/ closing door closer,

5. Senses when any obstacles in the passage,

6. No pneumatics accessories required.

 Finally, it saves fuel, money and the environment.

Our design approach:

One look at our product line reveals our design approach: simple is better. We carefully engineer bus  door actuators to operate smoothly and reliably  while eliminating the problem-prone and complex design elements that plague our competitors’ products. The result is a product line which has become the number one choice for manufacturers of small and medium-size buses.

Quality Check :

Operational testing is conducted 24/7. Life-cycle testing has produced in excess of a quarter million trouble-free cycles.

Sustainable transport:

Fuel is a major part of the total operating costs of a bus – so finding ways to improve fuel efficiency pays off. Reducing harmful emissions is also an important aspect of sustainable development efforts. Elektra reduces energy consumption by 80–90% compared to pneumatic drives, improving bus fuel efficiency by around 2%. This represents a yearly decrease in CO2 emissions of 1,9 tonnes per bus in city traffic.