Exa Corporation

Exa Corporation, a Dassault Systèmes Company, develops, markets, sells and supports software and services for simulation-driven design. Leading manufacturers use our fluid flow, heat transfer, and acoustic simulation solutions to optimize the performance of their products, reduce product development costs, and improve the efficiency of their design and engineering processes.

Simulation-driven design empowers engineers to predict product performance early in the design process, reducing late-stage design changes and reducing or eliminating expensive physical prototype testing. Our solutions encourage rapid iteration between design and analysis. They offer critical insight into how potential design variations impact the range of possible performance, and help engineering and design teams discover solutions that optimize the trade-offs between competing constraints and requirements.

Exa’s unique, inherently transient Lattice Boltzmann-based physics enables it to perform simulations that accurately predict real-world transient conditions on the most complex geometry.

Exa suite of simulation software applications provide vehicle manufacturers a comprehensive evaluation for their commercial vehicle. Applications include:

Thermal Management Simulations: Cooling Airflow; Top Tank temperature evaluation; Rise over ambient (intake port); Brake cooling; Key off & Soak; Electronics and Battery cooling

Aerodynamic Simulations: Aerodynamic Efficiency; Soiling and Water management, Panel deformation

Climate Control Simulations: HVAC system/Blower noise; cCabin comfort, Defrost/demist; HVAC system performance

Aeroacoustic Simulations: Cooling Fan noise; Pass-by/community noise; Window buffeting; Side mirror noise; Greenhouse wind noise

We invite you to learn more by visiting our website: http://www.exa.com/en/industry/commercial-vehicles or email us at info@exa.com