Ecotech® Environmental and Petromarine Engineering Pvt Ltd

Ecotech established in year 2000, is in the business of providing Productivity Enhancement Solutions for sustainable engine performance and equipment operation with reduced environmental pollution. 

Air, fuel and lubricating oil must be clean for engine and equipment to work the way it should. With higher cleanliness, performance and longevity increases. Hence the need for efficient contamination control systems, independent of standard filtration systems come with engines and equipment.  

Ecotech products manufactured in Europe, USA and New Zealand are globally proven and used by many thousands in India. They can provide contamination control no other systems could. 

Ecotech’s solutions for air, fuel and fluid contamination control are listed below. They are the essential components for effective performance of engine and equipment:

1) Air Precleaners – Removes 99% of larger airborne particulates for enhancing air cleaner efficiency for better engine performance. 

2) Ecotech Diesel Purification and Conditioning System (EDPCS®) –  Cleans and protects diesel fuel from contamination and biodegradation for enhanced combustion. Clean diesel protects and improves fuel system components life. 

3) Ecotech MicrofiltrationTM bypass filters and filter rigs – Keep oils and fluids at very high ISO cleanliness values by slow and continuous filtration. Cleanliness values in the range 3-4 NAS is achievable with this system. Clean oil will provide increased lubrication, extended oil life, protects components from premature wear and reduces energy demand. 

4) High performance, biodegradable synthetic hydraulic oils and lubricants from Switzerland for unparalleled performance, life and environmental protection.

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