Mr. S N Dhole

Mr. S N Dhole

Scientist, Safety & Homologation division - CIRT

Mr. S N Dhole is specialist in the area of safety and homologation for vehicle & safety critical components. He has through knowledge of CMVR provisions, AIS:024, AIS:028, AIS:052 and worked persistently on interpretation of rules and codes which is prerequisite in field appraisal works like (1) third party inspection of buses (CNG & Diesel) for STUs and vehicle manufactures (2) audit for private & STUs bus body builder’s workshop and issue of accreditation certificates. Further he has also carried out type approval certification and confirmation of productivity of safety critical component.

In recent past, CIRT has taken up revolutionary initiatives in Indian Transport Sector in which S N Dhole has played crucial role, the initiatives includes:

1. Preparation of Bus body code for MoRT&H

2. Formulation of Bus body accreditation system for MoRT&H

3. Preparation of Urban Bus specification for MoUD

He has enthusiastically coordinated several National level training programmes in the area of Central Motor Vehicle Rules and National seminar on bus “Implementation of Bus Body Code”. He represented CIRT at National conferences as Guest Speaker and also taken guest lectures at various prestigious institutes.